About the Board

The Concord Township Zoning Commission consists of five members and two alternates that are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall at 7:00 p.m, unless otherwise scheduled. The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees on matters concerning amendments to the Zoning Resolution and the Zoning Map, and review and approves Applications for Site Plan Review for proposed commercial and multi-family projects.

Current Board Members

  • Richard Peterson, (term expires 3/31/2025)
  • Andrew Lingenfelter, Chair (term expires 3/31/2026)
  • Rich Iafelice,  (term expires 3/31/2027)
  • Hiram Reppert, Vice-Chair (term expires 3/31/2028)
  • Frank Schindler (term expires 3/31/2029)
  • Ron Terriaco, Alternate (term expires 10/4/2024)

2024 Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Transcripts, Videos

View Zoning Commission public meeting agendas, transcripts, and videos.

Site Plan Review

Prior to the issuance of a zoning permit, a Site Plan Review (SPR) application is required to be submitted and approved for any new construction, reconstruction or expansion of structures in the Commercial Districts, and for non-residential uses in the Residential Use Districts. The SPR application also requires that a landscape plan and storm water management plan be provided. Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with the Zoning Inspector for an informal review of a proposed project prior to submitting a formal application.

Upon approval of a site plan review application, no deviations are permitted unless approved by the Township. The Zoning Inspector determines if alterations to an approved site plan must go before the Zoning Commission for the purpose of amending the approval, or if they can be approved administratively. If required to be re-approved by the Zoning Commission, the applicant must submit the Amended Site Plan Review Application with required materials and a fee.

Download the Site Plan Review Application

Download the Amended Site Plan Review Application

Design Review

Design Review is required for any buildings and structures proposed in the BX, C, GB, GH, THC and THN Districts. This accompanies Site Plan Review and also goes before the Zoning Commission for review.

Download the Design Review Application

Zoning Amendments

Amendments to the Zoning Resolution text and/or map may be initiated by a motion of the Zoning Commission, the passage of a resolution by the Board of Trustees, or by the filing of an application by the owner (or their agents) of property within the area proposed to be changed or affected by the proposed amendment. Amendments are referred to the County Planning Commission for recommendation, followed by a public hearing and recommendation by the Zoning Commission, and finally a public hearing and decision by the Board of Trustees.

Download the Zoning Amendment Application