About the Board

The Concord Township Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five members and two alternates appointed by the Trustees. They meet the second Wednesday of every month unless there are no cases to be reviewed. The meetings are at 7:00 p.m, and take place at Town Hall. Their function is to act upon requests for variances, grants conditional use permits, and hears and decides on administrative appeals.

Current Board Members

  • Ivan Valentic, Chair (term expires 3/31/2027)
  • Francis Sweeney (Skip), Vice-Chair (term expires 3/31/2028)
  • Todd Golling (term expires 3/31/2029)
  • Davey Rowan (term expires 3/31/2025)
  • Ashley Garcar, (term expires 3/31/2026)
  • Theodore Hach (TR), Alternate (term expires 10/4/2024)
  • Brian Falkowski, Alternate (term expires 1/28/2026)

2024 Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Meeting Agendas, Transcripts and Videos

View BZA Meeting Agendas, Transcripts, and Videos.

Variance and Appeals

Applicants may request an Area Variance when an aspect of a proposed development does not meet one or more requirements of the Zoning Resolution, such as setback, height, or other similar requirements. Applicants may request a Use Variance when a property cannot reasonably be used for any of the permitted or conditional uses allowed by the zoning district in which the property is located.

An administrative appeal to the BZA may be taken by any person aggrieved by a decision of the Zoning Inspector or by any administrative officer of the township in interpreting or applying the provisions of the zoning resolution. Such appeal shall be taken within twenty (20) days of the decision in question, by filing with the Zoning Inspector and with the BZA, a notice of appeal specifying the grounds thereof including applicable sections of the Concord Township Zoning Resolution.

Download the Variance Information Sheet

Variance/Appeals Application

Conditional Use Permit

Uses requiring conditional use permits have potentially greater effects on their surroundings than permitted uses and require additional scrutiny by the Board of Zoning Appeals to ensure that the use is appropriate for the location.

Download the Conditional Use Permit Application

Download the Conditional Use Permit Information Sheet