The Concord Township Recreation Department coordinates these township newsletters.

The Concord Grapevine

The Concord Grapevine is now published two (2) times a year and is mailed to every household in Concord Township. The Spring/Summer edition will be released in February and covers March thru August; and the Fall/Winter edition will be released in August that covers September thru February.  It provides updates from our elected officials and each township department, including Fire, Service/Roads and Zoning. The Recreation Department publishes its extensive class list and information on upcoming events.

The 55+Newsletter

The 55+ Senior Newsletter is also published three (3) times a year and can be found in the Grapevine. The senior newsletter is also mailed to those who requested it. It lists the programs through the Recreation Department specifically geared for those age 55 and up.


E-Grapevine is published monthly and is only available online. It is a brief news update of current happenings in our township. If you wish to receive it via email, contact the Recreation Department to sign up.

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