The Concord Facts page is part of a communications program created to disseminate information to the public about the current projects and happenings in the Township. The page will be modified as new information becomes available, so check back often for updates.


Fire Dept. Facility Project

In 1966, Concord Township’s Fire Station #1 and Station #2 were dedicated. Each fire station has undergone multiple renovations and additions since that time. Staffing levels and equipment requirements have expanded to meet the increased demand for service. The department’s scope of service has expanded to include 24 hour staffing, emergency medical response and fire prevention. The department continuously evaluates and plans for its future needs and works diligently to maintain fiscal responsibility. In 2017 Concord Township contracted with the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association to perform a facility analysis and fire station location analysis to help us plan for the future. Currently Concord Township is working with Lemay, Erickson, Willcox architects for the planning, design and construction documentation for the future replacement of Concord Township’s fire stations.

We recently received an updated preliminary rendering of Fire Station #1. The cost estimation for Station #1 was received on August 1, 2019. We encourage residents to know the facts regarding the proposed stations. Below are the plans, cost estimates, a detailed fact sheet and a Q&A sheet. We hope you will review them. Please contact our Fire Chief or Administrator if you have any questions. Thank you.

Q and A – Fire Station 08022019

Fact Sheet – Fire Station 08022019

Fire Station 1 Cost Estimate

Concord FS – FloorPlan with Descriptions_20190731

Revised Station 1 Site Plan as of July 11, 2019

Revised Architectural Rendering as of July 11, 2019

Fire Station Facility Study 2017

Kellogg Creek Restoration Project

Below is a copy of the Kellogg Creek Restoration Project as presented during the public meeting held on October 17, 2019. Please contact Andy Rose at (440) 354-7513 or at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Public Meeting Presentation-10-17-2019

Driver’s License Renewal Requirements

As many are aware, the new Driver’s License renewal requirements went into effect on 7/2/18. View Ohio’s BMV website or Ohio’s NEW DL-ID fact sheet for information on required documentation for Driver’s License renewals.

Based upon the new regulations outlined in the pamphlet, Concord residents are strongly encouraged to ensure their address is listed as ‘Concord’ or ‘Concord TWP.’ Please utilize this when renewing your license or updating vehicle registration. This applies to all residents in any of the three ZIP Codes (44024/44060/44077) servicing Concord Township. This may require updating utility bill addresses to reflect Concord Township or Concord TWP.

The updating of the address to reflect our township is important. It will ensure that appropriate state and local funds are allocated and forwarded to Concord Township for road maintenance and equipment repair.

If there are questions, please contact our Administrator, Andy Rose at (440) 354-7513 or [email protected].

Limited Home Rule

What is Limited Home Rule (LHR)?

House Bill 77, signed by then Governor George Voinovich on June 18, 1991, allowed Townships in the State of Ohio to adopt Limited Home Rule (LHR), following prescribed procedures, outlined in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 504.01.  LHR form of government gives broader powers to townships that enact it, and it allows a township and its citizens to be more proactive in creating legislation of benefit to those within the community. Limited home rule allows townships to enact resolutions to improve the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. The township may not exercise any power that conflicts with the general laws of the State.

For more information on some of the benefits of Limited Home Rule, type of legislation permissible under Limited Home Rule and non-permitted legislation under Limited Home Rule, please refer to Limited Home Rule Information.

Limited Home Rule Resolutions

Town Center Concept

A mixed-use Town Center concept is being discussed for seven Township-owned acres at the southwest corner of Auburn Road and Capital Parkway. The current zoning allows for a Town Center concept that could include a mixture of retail, personal services, restaurants, and offices, as well as a high-end residential component, including townhomes and loft units above commercial structures.

The links below provide facts about the concept with the goal of informing our residents and clarifying any misunderstandings that may exist about this type of development.

Auburn-Crile-SR 44 Road Improvements

The recent road improvements made within the SR 44 Corridor were the result of over 10 years of planning, review and analysis of existing road conditions, safety and operation, crash data, and traffic volumes based on current and future development. Township representatives, county and state agencies, as well as local citizens provided input on this analysis that resulted in the improvements and circulation patterns that exist today. The information below provides the history of these road improvements, as well as traffic studies, technical advisory committee meetings, a project cost summary, and related reports from partnering agencies.


For specific questions please contact:

Andy Rose
Township Administrator
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(440) 354-7513

Heather Freeman, AICP
Planning & Zoning Director/Zoning Inspector
[email protected]
(440) 354-7506

Matt Sabo
Fire Chief
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