Roadway safety is a shared responsibility. With warmer weather upon us, pedestrians and motorists alike should always be mindful of their surroundings. Stay alert at all times and refrain from using any devices that may cause a distraction and take your eyes and ears off the road. Avoid alcohol and drugs while walking and driving; they impair your abilities and your judgment.


Please follow the walking tips below on maintaining safety while enjoying the benefits of walking:

  • Be predictable. Follow the rules of the road and obey signs and signals.
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever they are available. If there are no sidewalks available, walk FACING traffic and as far from traffic as possible.
  • Whenever possible, cross streets at crosswalks or intersections, where drivers expect pedestrians. Look for cars in all directions, including those turning left and right.
  • If a crosswalk or intersection is not available, locate a well-lit area where you have the best view of traffic. Wait for a gap in traffic that allows enough time to cross safely; continue watching for traffic as you cross.
  • Never assume a driver sees you. Make eye contact with drivers as they approach to make sure you are seen.
  • Be visible at all times. Wear bright clothing during the day, and wear reflective materials and/or use a flashlight at night.
  • Watch for cars entering and exiting driveways or backing up in parking lots.


  • Slow down and drive cautiously in residential areas. Increase the recommended safe distances for more time to react.
  • Motorists are required to yield to pedestrians in a marked crosswalk and in unmarked crosswalks at intersections.
  • Use bright headlights when legally able to illuminate the roadway and possibly spot a pedestrian walking near the roadway.

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