Did you know that if you do not have a hard line phone and have switched your service totally over to cellular service you may not be in the Reverse 9-1-1 data bank?

As a result of the Greenway Trail incident on Monday we have received numerous calls, emails and texts from residents either inquiring about the reverse 9-1-1 system, or explaining that they did not receive any 9-1-1 call that day even though they live in that area.

The Lake County Emergency Management Agency has a reverse 9-1-1 system to help our citizens in time of emergency.  It is capable of reaching a specific area of people with emergency information, along with instructions of what they need to do in the emergency. Specific criteria has been designated for the use of this Reverse 9-1-1 system.  The criteria could be any of the following:

  • Conditions exist where affected residents could be or have the potential to be in immediate danger
  • There is a potential for serious risk to life and property
  • Notification could aid in the apprehension of a criminal suspect
  • Notification could aid in the safe return of a lost child
  • Notification could aid in the safe return of a mentally, physically or  emotionally challenged individual or an elderly patient (walk away from a nursing facility).

If you have a registered hard line phone you are in the Reverse 9-1-1 data bank and all you have to do is answer your phone.  However, if you have a cell phone it is not automatically entered into the County Reverse 9-1-1 system. You need to register it with the Reverse 9-1-1 system. To register it all you have to do is visit the link at the bottom of this post here, or visit the website site at: http://arcgis.lakecountyohio.gov/PublicR911Enroll/.  Or you can send your information by mail to the Lake County Emergency Management Agency at 8505 Garfield Rd., Mentor, Ohio  44060. All information sent to them either via email or regular mail is confidential, and will not be shared with anyone else.  It is important that this information is shared with the EMA, so that they may keep you safe in times of emergency.

Please note that often the initial Reverse 9-1-1 that is sent out is limited to a specific geographical area (example: 1/2 mile around an incident or problem) so that the information can get out quickly.  The larger the area that the reverse 9-1-1 is sent, the longer the message takes to get to everyone due to the fact that there are so many telephone numbers to be called and answering machines to detail with.

For more information on the Reverse 9-1-1 system visit the Lake County EMA page at:


Enroll in Reverse 9-1-1 with your cell phone at: