Concord Painesville JEDDDriving Economic Opportunity in the Concord Business Corridor

Our growing business sector, the Concord Business Corridor, is centered on S.R. 44 and includes heavily traveled Auburn and Crile Roads as well as the Capital Parkway Extension. With medical facilities in the area bringing in employees, visitors and patients, the Corridor has seen a significant increase in population.

  • University Hospitals TriPoint Medical Center and University Hospital Concord Health Center, along with doctors’ offices, employ approximately 1,300 people
  • 109,663 people live within a 15-minute drive from the JEDD.
  • Retail follows rooftops-and with more residents moving close to the Corridor, there is unmet demand for shopping, dining, and business services.

Why Locate in the Concord Business Corridor?

Developers seeking land for national retailers, small business owners looking for a home, and growing companies can find conveniently located land in a growing economic district of Northeast Ohio. Concord Township’s character is rooted in its semi-rural feel-yet modern development is bringing desired amenities to residents and businesses in the area. Reasons that businesses are attracted to the area include:

  • Access to Lake Metroparks, which makes up 15% of the Township’s land
  • Home to existing corporate headquarters, research and development businesses, medical offices, and retail services.
  • A range of housing styles, from spacious residences to townhomes and golf course communities
  • Robust community services, including recreational activities and sports programs
  • Concord Airpark – A local airport with two 2,181 foot runways
  • Close proximity to other Northeast Ohio’s amenities, including Lake Erie, local wineries and beaches and just 30 miles from downtown Cleveland

A Trade Area That Is Growing, Upscale, and Underserved

The Economic Development Corridor in Concord-Painesville’s JEDD trade area provides opportunity to develop, redevelop, and grow business. Following are current 2018 demographics that illustrate the area’s development potential:

  • The 15-minute day-time population has grown to nearly 99,095
  • The 15-minute workplace employees (FTE) is 43,259
  • 4.9% population growth in Concord Township in the last 8 years
  • 7.5% household growth in Concord Township in the last 8 years
  • Mean family income in Concord Township is $135,814
  • Daily traffic counts on I-90 and S.R. 44 combined are more than 80,690 and growing.
  • Access to nearby Lake Erie
  • A trained workforce, with proximity to Lakeland Community College, Holden Career Center, Lake Erie College, and Auburn Career Center.

Access more demographic information:

2023 Market Community Overview

Marketing Guide

Or, you may contact the JEDD at (440) 477-1449, (440) 354-7500 or [email protected].

“The greatest advantage we offer now is the coordination the JEDD can provide for marketing, which allows businesses to market beyond their local means to get the best deal for their properties.”

–Christopher Galloway, JEDD Board Chairman, Lake County Auditor


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