The Concord Township Service Department is responsible for snow removal, road construction and repair, local drainage systems, cemetery services and Township building and property maintenance. The Service Department is comprised of 11 maintenance workers, 1 mechanic, an administrative assistant and the service director. The Service Department currently maintains 139 lane miles of Township roadways. Summer maintenance includes full depth concrete slab replacement, full depth asphalt replacement, Dura patching, crack sealing, roadside drainage improvement, roadside mowing and assisting other Township departments as needed. The Service Department also coordinates road replacement and drainage improvement projects with the assistance of Lake County Engineering Department and Lake County Storm Water Department.

Annual Leaf Collection

The annual leaf pickup service for residents will be conducted the week of November 26th. Residents will be required to supply their own biodegradable leaf bags. After the bags have been filled with leaves only, they should be placed at the curbside where our vendor will pick them up. Only bagged leaves in biodegradable bags will be picked up. No bulk leaves, piled leaves or leaves in plastic bags will be accepted. The collection will begin on Monday, November 26th at 6:00am. There will be no returns to pick up bags that were not at the curb when collections begin. This service normally takes 3 to 4 days to complete.

Early Leaf Drop-Off

The Concord Township Service Department will provide a bin for residents to drop-off bagged leaves in biodegradable bags during the hours of 7am – 3:30pm Monday through Friday. The bin is located at the Service Department located at 7229 Ravenna Road. No brush, plastic bags or yard waste should be placed in the bin. If you have any questions please contact us at (440) 350-3225.

Snow Barricade

The snow barricades are available through the Concord Township Service Department by filling out the Snow Barricade Application. The Service Department will provide the labor to install the barricades for residents of Concord Twp. at no charge. The barricades consist of an aluminum board, two steel posts, reflective numbers and hardware. The cost of materials is $40.00. The barricades will absorb the impact of heavy snow being discharged by the snow plows. This will be a one time installation and all maintenance thereafter will be the responsibility of the resident. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (440) 350-3225.

Construction Updates

Check back frequently for up-to-date information.

Construction Updates

Hours of Operation

The Service Department is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 3:30pm . If you have any questions please call (440) 350-3225.


Department Contacts

Frank Kraska
Service Director
(440) 350-3226
(440) 350-4463
Janet Hlavac
Administrative Assistant
(440) 350-3225
(440) 350-4463
Name Address Phone Fax Hours
Service Department at Town Hall Campus 7229 Ravenna Road (440) 350-3225 (440) 350-4463 Monday-Friday 7 am 3:30 pm
  • I have a road complaint, whom do I contact?

    Being a Township, it depends on what road you live. The Ohio Department of Transportation takes care of State Routes; the Lake County Engineer maintains County owned roads, while the Concord Township Service Department takes care of Township roadways. Visit the Service Department’s page for more information.

  • Where do I report lawn damage during snow plow operations?

    Concord Township maintains the right to remove snow off Township roadways and place it within the right of way next to the road or cul-de-sac. Unfortunately, on occasion we may plow up grass/sod. Please report your observations to our office at (440) 350-3225. We will log it and schedule it for repair during the spring after April 15th.

  • If my mailbox is damaged during snow removal, what can I do?

    As a courtesy, Concord Service Department will evaluate down mailboxes and reattach and perform minor repairs if necessary after snow removal operations have been completed. Mailboxes most frequently come off after being hit by plowed snow and infrequently by the plow itself.

    View Resolution 2005-60, Mailbox Replacement Policy regarding mailbox replacement limits. We recommend that you consider adding a snow barricade for added protection

  • How do I get a mailbox snow barricade?

    Snow barricades are available to the residents at the cost of $40.00. Service Department personnel provide a one-time installation. Please fill out the Snow Barricade Application. There is a $15.00 fee for any reinstallation of barricades request thereafter.

  • What is the Township winter snow removal policy?

    If you are a new resident to Concord Township the Service Department only maintains side streets and subdivisions within the community. The Ohio Department of Transportation takes care of Ohio State Routes and Lake County Road Department is responsible for all connector roads. View Township Roadways for a complete list of state and Lake County roadways.

    The Service Department bases its preparation and response to winter conditions on the latest advances in technology and weather monitoring available. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office often alerts the Service Department to changing conditions so that we can respond effectively. Current department strategy has Concord divided into six zones covering approximately 142 lane miles. Our crews plow open the streets as needed and then treat hills, curves and intersections with a deicer, primarily rock salt.

    Concord Service Department maintains a sensible salting program. This treatment method is an effective response to frequently changing conditions in our lake effect prone area. This discipline provides effective measures according to current conditions and high traffic volume periods.

    We urge residents to put safety first. Allow added time for travel and prepare for sudden changes in road conditions. Focus on driving and avoid anything that might distract your ability to react safely.

  • Can the Township help me with a driveway culvert replacement?

    Yes, we offer a culvert replacement program. The cost for this service is $200.00 for the removal and replacement of the original culvert. The homeowner is responsible for the purchase of the pipe and any asphalt or concrete replacement following the installation by Township personnel. Please fill out the Culvert Pipe Installation Form. Lake County roads and state routes require permits. Contact our office for details at (440) 350-3225.

  • What do I do if my roadside ditch needs cleaning?

    Contact the Service Department for an evaluation of the ditch. On most occasions we will clean and regrade the ditch to its original design function at no cost to the resident. Please note that we only perform this maintenance on Township roadways.

  • Who should I contact to report a road condition such as a pot hole or debris in the road?

    During regular business hours contact the Service Department at (440) 350-3225. If outside the regular work schedule and the observation requires immediate attention such as a tree across the road, you can call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at (440) 350-5531 who then can contact the appropriate personnel.

  • Is the Service Department responsible for all roads in the Township?

    Township roadways are maintained by three separate road departments: Ohio Department of Transportation, Lake Engineers Department and the Concord Service Department. View Township Roadways for a complete list of state and Lake County roadways.