Concord Township Cemeteries

The Township has two cemetery locations. The Stickney Cemetery, with burials from the 1800’s and early 1900’s, is located on State Route 86. This cemetery is closed to additional burials. The Concord Cemetery, which was established in the 1930’s, is located on State Route 608 and has four sections, two of which are sold out. The fourth section of the Concord Cemetery was dedicated in 2004.

Cemetery Rates 2018
Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Wreaths Across America (WAA)

We were honored to participate in this year’s Wreath Across America Ceremony, December 15, 2018 at noon in the Concord Township Cemetery. Despite the weather, we had many volunteers and ceremony participants. Each headstone had a wreath placed, thanks to your generosity. We were grateful to “Be Their Witness” to Remember, Honor and Teach and represent the local heroes in our community.

Cemetery Beautification

Please view Cemetery Rules and Regulations for more information.

  • Gravesites are to be cleaned of all decorations three times a year April 1st, July 31st, November 1st

These dates will be posted on the exit signs two (2) weeks prior to clean up

  • Please allow two (2) weeks to be sure removal has been completed before placing new decorations on your gravesite, this will protect your new decorations from being accidentally removed; items in an urn or on a monument will not be removed unless items pertain to a past holiday or they are unkempt; please contact the cemetery office if honoring a loved one seven (7) days prior the removal times listed above
  • Placing live and artificial decorations for honoring “loved ones” special dates (birthdays/anniversaries/Mother’s-Father’s Day/major holidays (Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween, Memorial Day etc.) should be removed fourteen (14) days after the date or will be removed by cemetery staff

Burial Alternatives

The Concord Cemetery offers three burial alternatives; conventional full burials, in-ground cremation burials, and above-ground cremation burials.

Full burial lots are priced at $750.00 for a 4’x10’ lot. The grave opening fee for a full burial is $500.00. These lots can be used for one full burial and one cremation burial; the interment of the full burial must precede the cremation burial. These lots may also be utilized for two cremation burials. An upright or flush memorial may be used to mark the grave.

A concrete foundation is set under the memorial for a fee of $200.00 for a standard 1’x2′. Each additional square foot is $50.00.

In-ground cremation lots are priced at $250.00 for a 2’x4’ lot. The grave opening fee for cremations is $150.00. In-ground cremation lots may be utilized for two cremation burials. A flush memorial may be used to mark the grave. A concrete foundation is set under the memorial for a fee of $200.00-$300.00. We offer 4’x4′ lots for $500.00 that will accommodate a slant marker. Finally, we also have a few 4′ x 8′ lots that will accommodate three sets of cremains and a larger marker.

The columbarium (above-ground granite cremation structure) has 48 niches (10.5″ square x 11.5″ deep) that are priced at $650.00. One niche can hold two cremains. The niche opening fee is $100.00. An engraved niche plaque would mark the burial location at a cost of $350.00 which includes one emblem. Additional emblems are $100.00.

Additional $300.00 for late in day (after 1:30 pm) or Saturday burials.


Department Contacts

Amy Dawson
Fiscal Officer/Cemetery Sexton
(440) 354-7516
(440) 354-7511
Karen Warner
Administrative Assistant/Assistant Cemetery Sexton
(440) 354-7518
(440) 354-7511
Name Address Phone Fax Hours
Town Hall Campus 7229 Ravenna Rd (440) 354-7500 (440) 354-7511 Monday-Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm