Waste Removal - Recycling on Concord Township

This information is offered to aid Concord Township residents in their disposal of household trash, yard waste, leaves, Christmas trees, recyclables, aluminum cans, computers, scrap tires, and household hazardous waste.



The Township ended its drop off recycling program for plastic, food cans and glass, located at the Town Hall Campus (7229 Ravenna Road), on April 30, 2016. Residents are encouraged to contact their trash hauler to see if they offer curbside recycling options.

The green and yellow bins are still available for paper recycling, and the Fire Department will continue to collect aluminum cans. THESE ARE THE ONLY ITEMS THAT WILL BE COLLECTED AND MUST BE PLACED IN THE APPROPRIATE CONTAINERS ON SITE.

The Trustees regret the ending of this popular service, but increased costs and abuse of the service have forced this action. The Township will continue to aggressively prosecute illegal dumping.

Paper and Cardboard

The large recycle bins are located in the parking lot at Town Hall Campus along Ravenna Road. These bins are for PAPER AND CARDBOARD ONLY. Please break down boxes before placing in the green and yellow bins. The Township receives money for recycling from these bins. The Recreation Department uses these funds for events planned for the Township.

Aluminum Cans

Our Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau collects aluminum cans and uses the proceeds to help fund the Township’s fire prevention education program. Cans can be left in the designated area at each of our fire stations.

  • Station One: Town Hall Campus parking lot (7229 Ravenna Road) behind the fire station
  • Station Two: 10154 Prouty Road on the south side of the station

Additional Places to Recycle in Lake County


Waste Removal

Trash Removal

It is the responsibility of each household to properly dispose of its trash. Condominium residents please contact your homeowner’s association (HOA) for information on the disposal options for your neighborhood. All other residents must contract with a hauler to have trash removed from their home.

When contacting trash haulers, be sure to mention the name of your subdivision, as some HOA’s have agreements for specific services from haulers. When making inquiries, you might want to ascertain:

  • How should trash be contained?
  • What day of the week is pick-up?
  • Are there yard waste or recycling options available?

A complete list of trash haulers can be found in the yellow pages, however, these are options available to Concord residents and business owners:

Yard Waste

Typically, yard waste CANNOT be included in normal household trash left for pick-up. Below are some of the options available to residents.

The Concord Township Service Department will collect yard waste on four Saturdays during the year; twice in the spring, and again in the fall. Check their webpage seasonally for exact dates and times. The Service Department is located in the rear of the Town Hall campus located at 7229 Ravenna Road.

Brush must be bundled and tied. Tree limbs should be no longer than four feet and no more than four inches in diameter. Yard waste (leaves, plant material, twigs) must be in biodegradable bags. These items are mulched and the mulch is available, at no cost, to residents who pick it up in their own vehicle. However, fresh mulch should be “seasoned” for about a year before added to landscape beds. The acidity of fresh mulch may damage plants.

There are also commercial options available for yard waste. MRLM Inc., (440) 357-6756, will accept yard waste, at no charge, on the second Saturday of every month April – October. Depending on weather conditions, MRLM may accept yard waste in November (contact MRLM to verify). MRLM may accept yard waste at other times throughout the year FOR A FEE. Contact MRLM for details. Their facility is part of the JTO complex located at 6011 Heisley Road in Mentor. Nells Enterprises will pick up yard waste, in addition to other items, FOR A FEE. Contact Nells Enterprises at (440) 567-0146 for more information.


Once a year, in the fall, the Township contracts with an outside hauler to pick up leaves from residents. The week will be announced each fall on the Service Department’s page. The following guidelines must be strictly followed:

  • Leaves only, NO brush or limbs
  • Leaves must be in biodegradable bags
  • Absolutely no plastic bags will be picked up
  • The truck will make ONE pass through the Township. Bags must be at the curb Monday morning by 6:00 a.m. NO RETURN TRIPS WILL BE MADE.

These area nurseries have accepted bagged leaves in the past. Please call ahead to verify restrictions and drop off locations.

  • Brotzman Nursery, 6899 Chapel Road East, Madison, (440) 428-3361
  • Klyn Nursery, 3322 Route 84, Perry, (440) 259-3811
  • River Road Nursery, 4468 River Road, Perry, (440) 259-5868
  • Swansons at Arcola Creek Nursery, 2452 Dock Road, Madison, (440) 428-7497

Christmas Trees

Each year Lake Metroparks offers convenient Christmas tree recycling drop off locations throughout Lake County. Check back in December for more information.

Computer, Scrap Tire, and Household Hazardous Waste

The Lake County Department of Utilities Solid Waste District hosts two Computers and Electronics Collections and two Household Hazardous Waste Collections annually along with a Scrap Tire Collection once a year. Check their website for special collection dates, times and location.